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Luc Pauwels

VRT Newsservice
I'm into energy (prices, technologies, ranging from renewables, hydrogen, gas, oil, nucleait), environment, mobility, air-pollution. No fear of figures or complex data, at least if they lead to exciting investigative.

So I came across astonishing figures about reliability of nuclear power plants (quite good! far better than gas-fired power plants, triple checked figures by scraping belgian and international databases on unplanned unavailabilties of powerstations and presenting them in graphs with my data-colleagues), explored the shale-gas boom in the US, using the data of the US federal Energy Information Agency), dissected our energy-bills and their evolution (soaring), discovered car manufacturers other than Volskwagen fiddling with software, politicians fiddling with subsidies for renewables. But also stories about empty prestigious high-speed trains that kept riding for decades (a pityful waste of tax money, really), fake promises, fake arguments and fake news. Always curious to discover the facts and not the coloured interpretation of facts. Wrote a book on the doubtful practices of one of our most powerful politicians (De Keizer van Oostende) and got in a quite a hefty (media) row. Just published a fresh-new book "Journailstiek in tijden van fake news" (Journalism in times of fake news), a critical view on our own practice as mainstream media trying to keep up our quality standards, but unfortunately sometimes failing and slipping ourselves into the practice we're supposed to counter: producing fake news (!!). ... and therefore currenttly in quite a hefty row once more. But it'll be all right. ;-)